Join the Park Slope CSA

For $23 a week, you get fresh, organic produce straight from the farm from mid-June to mid-November.

Registration for our 2017 season is now closed

Enjoy fresh veggies, fruit, flowers, and eggs June - November. Your farm share will be delivered to the Garden of Union (on Union Street, between 4th and 5th Avenues, Park Slope) on your pick-up day.


How Do I Become a Member?

To become a member of the Park Slope CSA, you must purchase at least one Full or EOW veggie share (including membership fee) and sign up for and complete your required workshift(s) at the distribution site

What does the Farm Share Cost?


Veggies (22 weeks) $510
Fruit (20 weeks) $192
(10 weeks)
Eggs (22 weeks) $126 (dozen per week)
$252 (two dozen per week)
*Full Shares cannot be mixed with EOW shares


(11 weeks)
Fruit (10 weeks) $96
Flowers (5 weeks) $65
Eggs (11 weeks) $63 (dozen per pick up)
$126 (two dozen per pick up)

What is an Every-Other-Week Share?
The Park Slope CSA cannot guarantee which week (odd or even) EOW members will be assigned to. EOW veggie members can only select EOW fruit or flower shares, all delivered on the same week. EOW members work 1 shift (2.5 hours) during the season. If you miss your scheduled EOW pick up you cannot come the following week. You can download a calendar showing all EOW pick-up dates by clicking HERE.

Is Financial Assistance Available?
Members with food stamps will use $11/week for veggies and $6/week for fruit. Please contact our Share-a-Share Coordinator at 718-707-1023 for more information on a discount and payment plan that works for both you and the CSA. The CSA accepts SNAP payments.

What are the Workshift Requirements?