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Our weekly CSA newsletter, The Garlic Press, is full of articles, information, tidbits and recipes. All members will be added to the Garlic Press weekly mailing list.

Call for Submissions!

Do you have something to say? Something to share? Advice on ways to use the CSA share? Or ideas for an article you'd like to see? The Garlic Press is looking for article submissions. Feel free to email us at

And if you have any recipes that you'd like to share with other Park Slope CSA members, drop us a line at and we will include them in future issues of the newsletter. Don’t worry about having it all typed up like you’d find in a cookbook, just send us an e-mail describing what you did and the ingredients you used. We’ll put it in a format that everyone can follow. And remember to include your full name and to credit any other source for the recipe.

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Garlic Press Archive: June/July 2013

You can view older issues of The Garlic Press (2007-2012) by visiting the GARLIC PRESS ARCHIVE.